Before he became the darling of American late night television, we turned Craig Ferguson’s life upside down.

craig-fergusonI got a call from a media pal to ask me to meet the Bembom brothers, two Dutch theme park entrepreneurs who had bought and renovated the Dreamland White Knuckle Park in Margate, with its world famous roller-coaster and some terrifying new rides; could we do a radio campaign, get the public to fill the place at its relaunch. I said if we could somehow capture the feeling of actually being there, we might be able to produce something special.

I wrote some scripts and booked Craig Ferguson, then making his name as a stand-up comedian, for a make-pretend day in the studio with a bucket of sound effects; but try as we might, it never quite sounded convincing. “We’ll have to record on the actual rides themselves”, I said.

Craig was up for it, the Bembom Brothers said OK; so we took the train to Margate, with a producer and sound engineer and did it.

Nobody mentioned health and safety. That Easter, Dreamland was full.

Roller Coaster

Looping Star