“Oh, I do like working with you – I don't need to rewrite any of these,” Stephen said, looking over the new scripts.

Amazing as it seems now, I had to promise my client that Stephen Fry was going to become well known, before the booking was approved. It was the late 1980's. And it was a tough brief.

Robert Conway, owner of the Covent Garden General Store, London’s most successful gift, toy and card shop had decided to appear in his own radio commercials. After pleading with him not to, we finally agreed that if it were done, he’d have to be prepared for a pie-fight.

Bravely, he agreed. He just wasn’t so sure ‘this Stephen Fry’ was the future celebrity I’d cracked him up to be. I said I’d stake my reputation on it; he said I’d have to.

Easter - Chocolate chicken

Working with Robert and his son Rob over the next four years, we produced more than twenty of these, often outrageous, commercials; and the more egg that landed on his face, the more cash dropped in the tills. Result, happy retailer.

Valentines Day -  Balloon

Mother's Day - Proper meals?

Father's Day - Pop in when you like

Of course, Stephen’s compliment on the scripts I’d written was more than kind; all the way through, he’d add more than the occasional sparkler into the mix.