Small ads have to work much harder than big ads


At first glance, the banner space at the bottom of your local paper may not look like the perfect spot to launch a successful business-building campaign. But regular fortnightly slots in the Maidenhead Advertiser helped our family lawyer client grow more than 300% in just three years. You can’t fault the logic.

When a marriage is breaking down, the last thing either side wants to do is talk to a lawyer.


But that’s exactly what they need to do, and as soon as possible. Like musical chairs, one side usually bags the family’s own legal firm, leaving the other facing the prospect of dealing with a stranger.




These ads say “Hello, we’re lawyers, but we’re also real people, the kind you can talk to”, without any of that formal, hand-wringing sincerity so often expressed in that profession’s advertising.




They break the ice and encourage contact. Seems to work, too; in the eight years we’ve been running these ads, Frances has become Maidenhead’s best known, most popular family lawyer.


And its most successful.

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