The most commercially successful dogfood commercial ever.

Butchers from i2i on Vimeo.

No-one else comes close. In 1995, a client agency asked me to help them create the TV launch for Butchers Dogfood, a long established supermarket product that had never been advertised before. The name, of course was a gift and it was only a short step to Fit as a Butchers Dog as a core theme.

I saw the chance to have fun on a sunny beach with a pack of dogs and a group of butchers in traditional dress, wrote a script and recorded the voiceover myself; agency came up with a music idea for a pastiche on Bladon Races, which I modernized and recorded; my old friend Julius Cassar agreed to direct it. With luck on our side we found the one sunny day in February at Studland Bay in Dorset and created what looks like the perfect summers day romp!

Recall research results had it as the most instantly memorable and understood advertisement since records began - that was in Granada, home of Coronation Street. On air, the campaign cleared the shelves so fast the factory actually ran out of supplies and the campaign had to be suspended while new stocks were produced. You can’t ask more than that.